>#6 in the Reader’s Poll at Brava Novella Contest

>Hey, I’m happy! Rent A Husband got voted #6 most popular out of all the finalists in the Reader’s Choice portion of the Brava Novella contest. Not too shabby.

My other buddies at Cobblestone did extremely well, too! Shannon took 4th place and Antonia got 5th! It’s a happy day in the land of writing. It is like I keep telling Antonia: a rising tide lifts all boats.

The girl who won first place had a great entry…actually, they were all pretty cool. Now, all the writers’ hopes are tied to getting those stories in the mail to Kensington Brava and hoping Miss Editor Extraordinaire Kate Duffy likes them enough to buy them for Brava.

Mine was entrusted to the U.S. Postal Service last Thursday so I can stop worrying about it for a while–at least a couple of days. And now I am in the throes of writing my first sequel to a book. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to write a sequel to a story before; everyone is doing it, and this particular story lends itself well to a series. I just know myself, and I know that my memory for details is not good. The last thing I need is to have a bunch of inconsistencies between books in a series. I guess that is what always scared me away from it, but I have been having a really good time writing this one.

I also have a story ready to go for the new Wicked line at Cobblestone Press which will open this week for in-house authors and next week for everyone. www.cobblestone-press.com I am still waiting to hear from Samhain on the next round of edits for Seduction 101, an entry for Dangerous Truth, and an older-woman-younger-man story I submitted to Ellora’s Cave. Meanwhile, I have one more round of edits to go on my vampire book, Sunlight, but my editor is on vacation this week so I’ll have to wait on those until she gets back.

Things are rolling along here…oh, and one more thing: I am listening to Dune on CD, and my hero, Scott Brick is reading parts of it. So you can imagine, I am one happy camper.


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One response to “>#6 in the Reader’s Poll at Brava Novella Contest

  1. >Woo! That’s awesome! Congratulations!

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