>Not too much going on…well, except for everything…

>I can’t believe I haven’t blogged all week. It has been a busy week. I finished the first draft of my first sequel, got my new biography done for the Samhain homepage (because my book Seduction 101 will be coming out with them tentatively in May), wrote 4000 words of a plot outline for a new novel I’m getting ready to start, sent in my Wicked submission for Cobblestone Press, read about a hundred blog entries from various places (probably a lot more than a hundred), and finally fixed the microphone on my voice activated software so that it makes fewer errors. Turns out that I had it turned around backwards. Ever hear that Ron White (the standup comic) bit about “you can’t fix stupid”? He was probably talking about me.

My book, Paid in Full-The Valentine Monologues, is coming out next Friday, and I will be blogging over at the Cobblestone Press blog on Tuesday. I am still waiting to hear about three submissions, four if you count the one I sent yesterday (although it’s a little soon to be watching for a response to that one). I met a Cobblestone author in person yesterday, and we had lunch together. Turns out Samantha Lucas lives in town also. Next month, I will be going to a conference in Pennsylvania and I will get to meet L. Shannon in person finally, too. I have been talking to her on the net for over a year. The Web has become such a small place.

Besides that, not much else is going on.



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3 responses to “>Not too much going on…well, except for everything…

  1. >Good grief! And I thought I was busy! You go, girl!

  2. >I’m busy too, but why is it I accomplish so much less? I think you should write a book on time management…You go girl! You know, whenever I think of you, I hear that song, Maniac. (I mean that in a good way, cuz you work so hard). 😉

  3. >Just for Antonia, I added the YouTube video for Maniac…you know, that’s not far from what I look like every day actually…Well, except for the skinny hips, I mean. The crazy hair, strobe lights and terrified expression: yeah, that’s me.

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