Savvy Spencer is fed up with traditional dating. When she meets an even more intolerable bunch of Neanderthals through an on-line dating service, she demands the company honor its money-back guarantee.

Elovepro.com pulls out all the stops and sends their secret weapon, guaranteed to give her money’s worth and then some.

Paid in Full, my latest release from Cobblestone Press comes out on Valentine’s Day!

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“You don’t want to be here because you didn’t get what you bargained for, is that it? You think you don’t know me, think I lied on that stupid bio?” I tried to pull myself from his arms, but he held firm. “And you were sent here in a last-ditch effort to save their refund money. You are working for them!”

“To hell with it.” His lips captured mine, and I told myself to stop it, willed my limbs to cease touching him. Their betrayal was my final humiliation, and yet I couldn’t bring to a halt the tides of desire flooding over me.

I let my hands glide over his massive shoulders and down his back, turned my head to deepen the connection of his lips on mine. When his lips parted, I feasted on the sweet flavor of the kiss.
He took my face in his hands and, caressing my cheeks with his thumbs, moved a breath away from me and whispered.

“I don’t want to be here. I want to be with you, Savannah.”

The words seeped into my mind like a warm ocean wave into sun-parched sand. “This party. It’s going to be a big blowout.” The words sounded crazy considering the alternative, and my body screamed for me to shut up as my mind insisted on reason.

“We can stay here if you’d like.” He brushed my hair away from my face. “Or, I have a room upstairs in the hotel. I leave the choice to you.”

His eyes continued to delve into mine, searching through my deepest desires and finding the loudest and strongest of them—I wanted him. He knew it; I knew it, but he’d given me a choice.

“I heard the rooms here are incredible.”

His smile creased small lines around his eyes. “If you were in mine, it would be.”

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  1. >Awesome excerpt! This one sounds like a must-read.

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