>Guest Bloggers at Keyboards On Fire & Other News

>My writing buddy, Samara King, is on sabbatical this month, and we are having a cadre of guest bloggers over at http://keyboardsonfire.blogspot.com this month.

This morning we have Moira Rogers, a writing team of two fabulous women who are going gangbusters! Funny, intelligent and just plain easy-to-get-along-with come to mind when I think of them. Visit the blog today and check out their wild antics.

Also, over the past week, we also had Cassandra Moore and L. Shannon. These are also some very intelligent and funny women. Be sure to check out their posts, too. I’m still doing my ABC’s of Writing on the blog on Sundays. Just did Q. Not sure what in the world I’ll do after I pass Z.

In other news, I received the first official round of edits for Seduction 101, my first novella with Samhain Publishing. So, I’ve put aside the second draft on a book I wrote last November (Deep Cover), which was a relief considering some of the abuse that manuscript has taken from me over the past week. I’ll save another blog post to show some of the butchering I did to that first draft.

Oh, the BIG news is that I got a PHONE CALL from Kate Duffy, editor in chief at Kensington Brava regarding my novella, Rent A Husband, which was a finalist in the Brava Novella Contest. The entry was not her first choice (the winning entry was pretty darn hard to beat!), but entering the contest did exactly what I wanted it to do. Kate said she really liked my writing and asked to see the manuscript. Major exciting news! Almost a year ago, I found out about this contest and started writing a story for it. Talk about time flying by!

Paid in Full came out last week at Cobblestone, and I have 5 other stories at various spots on the globe awaiting responses at the moment.

As soon as I finish these edits, I’ll get back to Deep Cover, the 65k story I wrote during nano last year. Then…well, I’ll figure that out when I come to it. 🙂



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2 responses to “>Guest Bloggers at Keyboards On Fire & Other News

  1. Lia

    >Congrats on the call! I hope she loves the full!

  2. >Wooohooo! Congrats on that call, lady!

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