>Coming May 20th Seduction 101 from Samhain

Yay! My coming soon page is up!!! http://samhainpublishing.com/coming/seduction-101

“Seduction 101” by Moira Reid
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Red Hots!

ISBN: 978-1-60504-030-1
Length: Short Story
Price: 2.50
Publication Date: May 20, 2008

No one knows the advertising game better than Julia—sell the sizzle, not the steak. However, selling sirloin and selling herself are two different things. When she tries to generate sizzle in a coworker, he’s more interested in paper shuffling than anything juicy she has to offer.

Eric, her long-time best friend and co-worker, feels the sizzle all right. The sizzle of the rare and beautiful Julia…and a searing jealousy as he watches her try to seduce another man. If Julia is ready to hit the sheets with someone, he’s determined it’s going to be him. But he needs a plan. Like her clients, Julia doesn’t respond to the direct approach; she needs to learn to generate her own heat.

So Eric cooks up his own little continuing education class. Something he likes to call Seduction 101.



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4 responses to “>Coming May 20th Seduction 101 from Samhain

  1. Lia

    >I love that blurb! I wish I could write blurbs like that.

  2. >Lia, Thanks!!! You know how they say “it takes a village”? Well, I had some seriously great help from my CP on that one. Basically, she tells me it stinks until it doesn’t anymore. LOL

  3. >I love the blurb! Can’t wait for the book…and I have Paid In Full in my TBR pile!

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