>Yeah, it’s a treadmill all right…also, BOOK REVIEW!

>Was reading over at Riding With the Top Down blog today, and Helen Brenna was talking about the treadmill we’ve all jumped on in the 21st Century. The blog post is worth a look, and even though I’ve been aware of this for quite some time now (and have the subsequent applicable stress to show for it), I haven’t quite figured out yet how to GET OFF OF THE DAMN THING.

Regarding another round on my Lifestyle Mountainclimber Treadmill (uh, my life, I mean), my kid finished her Lemur project for her 3rd grade class. Very fun stuff. Considering the fact that she came home all excited saying, “I’m doing a special project on Lemurs!” and I immediately thought, “What the heck is a lemur?” All turned out pretty well. I am now officially almost as smart as a 3rd grader (which would be fine if I weren’t considerably past 3rd grade).

We’ve got another ice storm here today in old Virginny, so I’m going into work late. It is supposed to warm up some and hopefully melt a little bit, enough at any rate for my little Honda Civic to make it out of the driveway on four bald tires. And I do mean bald. They have almost 70,000 miles on them now. Put that on the next forty miles to run on my treadmill.

Finishing up the first round of edits on Seduction 101 today and sending that in. Liking that story a lot. Very fun. And I wrote the blurb that is now on Samhain’s website. It’s funny because when I reread it, I thought, “Wow, they really fixed that thing up! It is much better than the one I sent!” Then I checked. It is *exactly* the one I sent. Must have been a good writing day in blurb-land, but honestly, I barely remember doing it. Think I might have been sleep-walking those miles on the treadmill.

I also joined myspace recently. Still quite overwhelmed by that thing, but I did get one of my biggest idols to be “my friend”, Scott Brick, the audiobook reader. What kind of geek has an audiobook reader as an idol? The kind that is running on a treadmill with earphones!! And not to diminish Scott in the least…his voice is liquid fabulous.

www.myspace.com/moirareid is my spot…would love to have you as a friend!

What the heck else is going on? L. Shannon’s book comes out today. Walking at Sundown at Cobblestone Press. I read it again last night (we are critique partners, so I get to read a lot of her stuff before the world sees it), and I just loved it. This time, I read it all the way through instead of a little at a time. There’s this wonderful, heart-wrenching scene near the end that just gets me every single time. She actually considered taking it out…thought it might be too much for readers. I’m like, “You take that out, I’ll drive to PA and kill you. They’ll never find your body.” It is just wonderful. Sweet, tragic, lovely, amazing…I’m no reviewer of books, but I will say this: I often get this comment from readers (one of my favorite comments): “I didn’t want it to end. It was too short! Why can’t I have more???” And I should mention that it is part of a series…so yeah! I *can* have more! Yay!


Time to get some more coffee and watch the ice glisten on the back porch for a minute before I climb back on the damn treadmill of life. My parents got a street light installed recently, and in the early morning, the reflection of the ice on the blades of grass between their house and mine is quite beautiful. If I could only situate my treadmill so I can look at that while I run…


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