>Things are Looking Up


Got an email this morning showing fancy coffee drinks (supposedly from some coffee shop in Canada, but didn’t check on that). Wherever it came from, that is just cool.

Now, onto today’s good news!!! My kid decided to try out for the talent show at school. She’s not the world’s greatest singer, but she’s 9 and she’s loud, so I figured, hey, what the heck?

I am NOT a piano player. I learned to play Let It Be from watching Shawn Cheek on YouTube! (you really gotta check out that guy! Very cool!) So, my kid decides she’s going to sing, and I’m going to play the piano. We practice, and I’m thinking, okay, if she doesn’t get in, it’s okay. No biggie.

The kid must just not work too hard at it until the “moment of truth” arrives because during our practices, I was like, “Oh man…” Today, she hit EVERY SINGLE NOTE!!! She’s like the 5th Beatle!!!

I screwed up playing I was so shocked… I was like, “Oh, hang on a second. Let me start again.” My hands were shaking, and we were just in a classroom with the door closed and 1 teacher about 1/2 my age in there! My kid was cool as a cucumber. I’m telling ya, it was amazing.

I turn to the teacher and said, “So, what do you think?”

She looked at me with big eyes and goes, “Oh, she’s IN.”

YAY!!! (So yeah, I need to go practice now!)


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