>Early Morning Writing Session 101

>The last time we left our heroines, they were in the middle of another early morning writing session. L. Shannon has now taken to staying up all night in order to be up when Debra Moore rises at 4 a.m.

We pick up in the middle of this morning’s writing session:

Debra Moore: “Shhh. Everything is going to be all right.”The words of empty sympathy spoken so many times in so many situations did nothing to dispel my raging anger and frustration. Here I was in the arms of the only man I’ve ever loved but could not have after leaving the only man I ever trusted who was now dead. The bleakness of it all was just too much to bear and I gave in to a despair I’d held in check for 20 years.
L Shannon: very emotional
L Shannon: nice job
Debra Moore: it’s a lot of telling (first person is not Deb’s strong suit)
L Shannon: it is…could be a little tighter
L Shannon: but the plot is going well through her grieving
Debra Moore: yeah, I’m struggling with “make it good enough to move forward” vs. “make it right before you move on.” I cannot face another Deep Cover pile of crap (reference here is to last story Deb worked on in a flash of “brain dump” then had to go back and fix…a process that involved much angst and pain and enormous amounts of time)
L Shannon: not every scene has to be perfect even in the final product–perfection is highly overrated. the idea is the story is engaging and the reader wants to follow it.
Debra Moore: is that what’s going on? I have some weird need for perfection?
L Shannon: sometimes. I think it just matters that the reader is drawn along for the story. you cannot stress over every single word in every book or you will have yourself another Deep Cover (it should be noted here that Shannon is very rational when reading Deb’s stuff…when it’s hers, she doesn’t seem quite so rational)
Debra Moore: I think you’re right
L Shannon: you know I tell you when I get lost or need something more to care about in the story; those are about the only things I worry about (uh huh. Like I said, in Deb’s drafts)
Debra Moore: in the first draft you mean? or in all drafts?
L Shannon: for any draft to be honest
Debra Moore: cool
L Shannon: my motto is “never let craft interfere with storytelling”
Debra Moore: good motto; mine is “never drink before 12” … but I sometimes do it anyway
L Shannon: LOL
L Shannon: “stay away from jello shots”
Debra Moore: good one, too



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2 responses to “>Early Morning Writing Session 101

  1. >Oh, jello shooters. :DI did spend a year and a half in a co-ed frat house. I have some stories to tell about drinking before 12 and jello shooters. ;)-Bree

  2. >Oh she must love you. Although, I don’t even get to bed most days before 4 either! =O lmao

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