>Malice Domestic Contest

>Here’s some pretty wild news:

Dear Debra:

I am sorry to tell you Dangerous Truth didn’t win (the Malice Domestic contest I entered a while back). One of the other manuscripts I read won, but you can use being a Malice finalist to help you get an agent and maybe eventually published (silver lining, I’m thinking). About 10 of the manuscripts that didn’t win (last year) have gone on to be published and one won an Agatha for best first book. Good luck and please keep me informed.

(from the judge of the Malice Domestic contest, a very nice woman!)

Well now. Ain’t that just something else? Hmmm. I’m thinking I need to figure out where to go next on that…think I’ll try to find out who Sue Grafton’s agent is…or Sandra Brown’s. Ahhh…Chill Factor) Smiley emoticon

After I get this other story ready and out of here (which I already promised), I think I’ll do just that.


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