Finally talked my sister into reading Pay Dirt…she’s so busy lately, she hasn’t had time to read it. I’ve bugged the crap out of her to just do it, and she begrudgingly, FINALLY, picked it up and started reading it. I sat at the kitchen table this morning typing away on a new story as she got to the climax of the story…and all I can say is:


Spending days upon weeks upon months writing manuscript. Cost: lost sleep, stress, and gray hair


Spending weeks upon months upon years editing and getting story published: Cost: wrinkles, lost hair, lost sleep


Finally getting story published and watching sister (who you’ve had to beg to read the thing) stare with her mouth hanging open in shock at the ending: PRICELESS



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2 responses to “>Priceless

  1. >SCORE! lol. That’s fabulous! And that’s why I write…I love to see people’s faces when they read my stuff. 🙂

  2. >PRICELESS! But boy you aren’t kidding about the worry and lost sleep in getting there!

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