>L. Shannon Meets JR Ward


Have been following with interest the blog postings regarding the wild antics of the RT (Romantic Times) Convention. Shannon went this year, and after she sent me this photo (and the one with Andre!), I can’t tell you how much I wish I could have gone, too! The Black Dagger Brotherhood books are some of my favorites (written by the lady herself, Miss J.R. Ward shown above with Miss Shannon). Oh, but know this: that book JR is signing belongs to ME…a gift from little Miss S.
Speaking of conferences, the RWA conference will be in Washington DC next year, which is considerably closer to me than any large conference has ever been. Maybe I’ll get to be there. Am not really sure how valuable these things are unless you’re the writer sitting behind that table signing books, but honestly, it looks like so much fun I have a hard time caring. I mean, really–look how happy Shannon looks. Yeah, next year…


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2 responses to “>L. Shannon Meets JR Ward

  1. >If you’ll go to RWA, I’ll go! 🙂

  2. >I know I’m only able to do RWA Nationals this year because it’s right up the street from me in San Fran (6 hour drive, but that’s better than a continent away).Maybe one day we’ll all be able to be at the same conference. Wouldn’t that be a blast!?!

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