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>I got tagged by jj Keller!

Here are the rules:

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Six random facts about me.

1. I have 2 dogs and a cat, but I’m not an animal person–at all! For some reason animals love me…Shannon says it’s because I’m an Alpha Bitch, and they think I’m in charge. I suspect it’s more like they want to win me over to their side. I often suspect they want to take over the world and are only looking for opposable thumbs to help them with their evil plots.
2. I love science fiction…love love love it. I’m trying to turn a boring story I wrote into a scifi wonder at the moment. It’s a lot easier to read scifi than it is to write, by the way.
3. I love semicolons, emdashes and commas. (Much to my editors’ angst.)
4. My college major was Actuarial Science but I took so many English electives I ended up with another degree in that–I think it was a minor, but honestly, it’s been so long ago now, I can’t even remember. I might have qualified for a double major.
5. I love software…all kinds of software. I use it for everything. Websites, blogs, design programs, financial stuff, recipes/menus, scrapbooking, writing…you name it. I adore computers and I love the software that runs them.
6. I’m married to a guy 5 years younger who dated a cousin of mine years ago. I often tell him that “he dodged a bullet” (turns out she was more interested in women) but I think sometimes he might think he dodged a .22 and got hit by an atomic bomb. He would not admit to this, but I have my suspicions… LOL

People I’m tagging: Yolanda Sfetsos, L. Shannon, Samara King, Bree and Donna (Moira Rogers)


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One response to “>Tagged by JJ Keller! 6 Facts about Moira Reid

  1. >Debra, you are an interesting and very amusing person. I love to read your writing. And I’m thankful it’s not number oriented…actuarial science?I think our four-legged, furred, friends only select the highest of intelligence and soulful people to follow!Thank you for sharing your six facts with all of us!You’re the best!jj

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