>Unproductivity…thy name is Moira


Was just reading Moira Rogers blog…she’s not the Moira that’s unproductive. That would be ME. Moira Rogers (Bree/Donna) is getting a lot done this month! GO GIRLS!
My sister got the last tube out yesterday and is going back home on Saturday. I expect to get back to normal life (which includes much more productivity than recent days) by then. Every time I sit down to write something, she and I end up hanging out, watching television, playing cards, playing Trivial Pursuit, drinking beer–something! Yeah, she is a bad influence. LOL We have had some fun, though…as much fun as two people can have when one of them is recovering from a double mastectomy. The good news is that she is doing so well, her spirits are very high, and she’ll be back to her regular life soon. I know she’s glad, and honestly, I will be too. Not writing has made me a little freaked out. And I have used up a ton of vacation days at work, so the summer will be very busy with few days’ reprieve from the sign grind.
Still, all in all, things are going well. I have been rewriting a story most of this month, and have gotten the first two chapters almost done. It is coming out much better this time, so that’s something. So glad I wasn’t a finalist in that Nocturne contest because if I had been, talk about stress. I thought I could adapt this existing story as more of a “paranormal” with just a few changes and be ready in time for the pitch (should my blurb get chosen)…turns out I’m rewriting the whole thing as a scifi and it’s going to take most of May to get it finished. LOL  I’m one of those true believers in “everything happens for a reason.”
Also, before Rae (from Harlequin) pulled two of the blurbs that contestants posted, I read them. My blurbs were much more like what you would see on the back of a book–not nearly enough detail about the plot…more of a “teaser” than what they were looking for. Note to self: in the future, more detail on blurbs for contests at Harlequin. Good learning experience at any rate. Oh, and the two plots that I did read (2 of the finalists) were quite good! And through the grapevine I heard all five were asked to submit their fulls. Very best of luck to all 5!!
Meanwhile, I’ve been compiling my ABC’s of Writing that I wrote for the Keyboards blog. We took the blog down for good this weekend after deciding that we both need to focus on the writing. I will probably offer the ABC book up as a free read on my website ultimately. There was some good info in there that might be of use to people. No words go wasted…



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2 responses to “>Unproductivity…thy name is Moira

  1. >LOL! I don’t know, the last two days we’ve been wandering around going “UGH UGH UGH CAN’T GET STUFF DONE”No, wait. That’s mostly me. Donna is single-handedly editing the second draft of our 50k novel. God, how that woman survives it, I have no idea.I, on the other hand, am being totally useless. 😀 Let’s be the Bad Moiras together!-Bree

  2. >You can only be GOOD MOIRA!!! I have a rep to maintain!

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