>Another great article on Writers and Payrates


Fascinating and excellent advice! Anyone who ever dreamed of writing full-time (or who is actually doing it) should read this. Heck, even people who don’t dream of writing full-time should. The advice on credit card debt alone is worth the read.
I recently eliminated all the revolving debt on my credit cards (at some astronomical and Mafia-like interest rates) by borrowing against the equity in my house thus reducing my monthly payment for said credit cards by about $400, and in three years, I’ll be completely debt free. (By my original calculations, this would have taken over 8 years and a LOT more interest charges by paying the credit cards separately.) Oh, and an added bonus–the interest costs on this debt are fully tax deductible.
It’s a tough lesson to learn, but credit cards are the DEVIL. LOL If you don’t have the cash, people, don’t buy the stuff.
Lest you think that *I* ran up these charges in the first place, I confess that I did not. That would be my cute other half who is by far my most expensive habit to date. He is trainable, however, and has learned this lesson with me…the hard way.
I’m saving right now for an Amazon Kindle. Dying to have one…I covet them!!! But, I’m saving every spare dollar to be able to afford one with CASH.


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