>Back in the swing…


Back in the swing of things…I’m on chapter 3 now of the Deep Cover rewrite. I’d thought at first it would be a simple edit job, then I got this idea…and let’s just say that it changed everything. Now I’ve got myself a scifi romantic suspense with absolutely no idea where it is heading–publication wise, that is. Writing-wise, yes, I do know what I’m doing finally. I’ve even managed to use some of the stuff I had, but my current assumption is about 50k of it is going to bite the dust by the time it’s all over. Uh, yeah, that’s 50,000 words. Ouchee. Don’t try this at home, kids.
Still, this idea is much better and abundantly more interesting than what I’d done in the first draft. So, all in all, I’m happy. LOL (Or delirious, not sure which)
I heard a buddy of mine mention recently how she writes the first draft then hands it over to her critique partner to read, and I have to be honest, I actually felt chest pain. Real chest pain accompanied by a little nausea. The idea of letting someone read my first drafts makes me sick. (Not to mention what it would do to them…ack.)
One of these days, I swear I’m going to figure out how to do it better in the first draft. It does happen on occasion…stuff comes out pretty good the first time. But so many times…oh, it’s a stinking pile. Or at least it smells that way to me, and since no one else ever sees it…yeah. You get the picture.
Think I might call up that buddy again and dig deeper…maybe she’ll share some tips…


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