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Seduction 101 by Moira Reid, c2008
Eric stared at her mouth as she spoke. The content of her message traveled to his brain a lot more slowly than the instant message of “luscious”. A training manual for seduction. Wasn’t that what she’d said? A training manual… The idea came to him like a gift. Yeah, why couldn’t he?

“Interesting.” His mind spun with the insane thought like a Ferris wheel rider high on cotton candy. Oh, that could work.

“What’s interesting?”

“I’ve got the training program you need.”

Julia’s sexy eyes opened wider and his heart skipped like a schoolgirl’s. What a sap I am.

“What are you talking about?”

“A three-day-and-night education in seduction.” Eric forced his smile to remain in check. “Put yourself in my hands, and in three days I’ll have him eating out of yours.”

“Oh please. A training program in seduction? Don’t kid around. Can’t you see I’m a wreck over here?”

The sound of her laughter was like a stroke on his ****. Damn, this had better work—his control was slipping. “I’m serious. I guarantee a man will fall all over you in three days, or your money back.”

“This costs money?” She laughed again, but there was a catch in the sound. He’d finally gotten her attention.

“No, but you’d have to agree to follow the training regimen, and do exactly what I tell you to do.”

Her gaze turned skeptical. He rose from the chair and walked around to her side of the desk. Leaning conspiratorially over to her, he inhaled the scent of her perfume as it wafted around them both and forced himself to concentrate. “Do you trust me?”

“Yeah, I trust you.” She rose from her chair and sat on the edge of the desk, her long legs stretched out in front of her. “But you’re nuts. You can’t train someone in the particulars of love! Besides, what do you know about seduction anyway? When was the last time you came on to somebody? We’ve been friends for five years, and you haven’t seduced a soul.”

“Because I haven’t done it lately doesn’t mean I don’t know anything about it. Besides, what makes you think I haven’t? Ever hear of ‘don’t kiss and tell’?”

“Please.” She waved the thought away with a graceful flip of her hand. “You tell me everything.”

“Not everything.” Especially not what I think about you every day. “Do you want to learn how to seduce a guy or don’t you?”

Julia picked up the paperweight again and nodded slowly. “Well, yeah.”

“Hey.” Tempted to touch her to get her attention, he crossed his arms over his chest. “Do you or not? I’m not going to waste my weekend doing this if—”

“All right, all right. I do, okay? But—”

“All right. Find the file for Harris and I’ll take it to him. It’s almost five. We’ve got tonight, Saturday and Sunday for me to show you everything you need to know. We start as soon as I get back from Mr. Wonderful’s office. On Monday morning, you’ll be irresistible.”

She stared at him. “Come on. Irresistible?”


“What exactly do I have to do?”

“Exactly what I tell you to do. I’m a professional trainer, Julia. I know what I’m doing.” He moved past her, catching another breath of her ambrosial perfume and began shuffling through the mess of papers strewn everywhere. “Damn, you’re a packrat. Where’s the file?”

Julia turned and dug through to the bottom and stripped out a manila folder. “Eric, this is ridiculous. How in the world…”

“The hell with it. We’ll begin right now.” Eric took the file from her, letting his hand touch hers. “Lesson one—casual contact can be scintillating to the opposite sex.”

He kept his hand over hers, the softness and warmth of her flesh pure torture against his palm. She glanced up, and he held her with his eyes and deepened his voice. “And a long look over a short distance can move mountains.”

She stared back at him and her lips parted.

He lowered his voice further, working hard to control his own rising desire. “These are two of the things you will learn during my amazing three-day course.”

She smiled, the flicker of humor back in her eyes. “Hmm. Good sales technique. I see your point.”

“So, we’re on for the weekend?”

Julia nodded again. “Okay, but what if this doesn’t work…”

Eric stepped away from her and sucked in a deep breath. What was he getting himself into? He couldn’t even be close to her without wanting her in the most visceral way. Still, if he didn’t do something now, sooner or later even bonehead Harris would notice her and make his move. And he couldn’t take much more of this torture in any case.

He rolled the file folder into a tube and tapped the desk with it. “If everything I teach you doesn’t turn your situation around, there’s always your option of the naked parade on Monday. What do you say?”

Julia laughed and punched him in the forearm. “All right. Take the file, and I’ll be ready when you get back. Where are we doing this training anyway?”

“My house at the lake.” Eric smiled as he turned to the door, trying hard to conceal his pleasure but knowing he was probably failing miserably. “We won’t be disturbed there. We’ll stop by your apartment on the way, and I’ll show you lesson two—how to pack for a romantic getaway weekend.”

Eric smiled all the way out the door. This was his shot. If she didn’t see him any differently after this weekend, she was never going to. All he had to do was convince her he was the man she needed—not Harris—and show her he was interested in more than a weekend. He wanted forever.

Eric’s smile disappeared as he walked down the long hallway to Harris’s office. The question was, who would Julia choose?


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