>Latest and Greatest Updates

>Long time, no blogging. Well, I should say I haven’t been writing anything on the blog–still read quite a few blogs every day, and there is a load of good news on the writing front:

Buddy of mine, Antonia Pearce got a killer review for Leap of Fate from The Romance Studio. The reviewer, Dee Dailey, said, “These characters are so well done that I really think this writer has put that smidgen of fairy dust into this story that makes it just that much better than another.” Her book is now available on Fictionwise as well as Cobblestone Press’ website.

Another buddy, Moira Rogers (aka Bree and Donna) have been going gangbusters in their corner of the world. Moonshine comes out in a month with Cobblestone Press, (and having read it already, I can say with all enthusiasm, “Get a copy as soon as you can!”) Watch the website for exact release info!

My very good buddy, L. Shannon, has been editing like a fiend here lately on four different books coming out this year. She’s got a book coming out in print in June (or maybe it’s July…I keep forgetting) called Father of the Wolf. Dearly love this woman…and her talent.

Cassandra Moore, very cool chick, sold her first shifter to Cobblestone called Taint of Shadow. (She’s also written an awesome vamp story for the Vampire Oracle which will begin releasing next month.) Everybody I know is waiting impatiently for the vamp books to come out…too exciting! Watch for them here: http://www.cobblestone-press.com/

Kris Eton just got a request for a full from Kensington!
Yolanda Sfetsos’ Guarded by Stone is now available!
L.A. Day has a book with Ellora’s Cave, Warrior of the Past!

It’s a writing wonderland, I tell you! Meanwhile, I’ve been doing some edits, getting ready to sub another story, and working on my extraterrestrial romance. Everything seems to be piling up over here…I have at least 5 stories in various stages of “I gotta get that done and out of here” and time’s ticking by fast. It’s almost June already. I’m going to sit down sometime today and see if I can get a plan together for getting all this done. Right now, it’s all calling to me, and I keep switching back and forth. Very confusing.

I do have the Samhain book coming out this week, Seduction 101. That’s pretty exciting.

Back to work!


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