>Literary Nymphs Gives Seduction 101 4 Nymphs!


Hey, way cool! Bramble Nymph liked Seduction 101:
Book Title: Seduction 101
Author: Moira Reid
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Publisher URL: http://www.samhainpublishing.com/
ISBN: 978-1-60504-030-1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Nymph rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs reviewer: Bramble Nymph

Julia hasn’t spent a restful night since Harris Tatum joined her workplace, Masters & Masters Advertising. Lusting after Mr. Wonderful is having a bad effect on her sanity and she decides to do a little seduction of her own. Her best friend Eric is shocked to see Julia bent over in sheer stockings and her shortest black skirt, trying to catch Harris’ attention. Jealousy bites him in the butt and he immediately concocts a plan to educate her about love and the art of seduction.

Julia belongs to the class of women who don’t recognize their potential, despite being beautiful and capable of anything. She is comfortable being a buddy to everyone and I found that I liked her innocence and simplicity. It is not hard to believe that her own best friend has feelings for her. Eric is the type of friend anyone would long for. He is smart, understanding and caring and, when he puts his heart into it, extremely sexy. When he develops feelings for Julia, he is not willing to recognize or voice them and I loved the way Ms. Reid sends his emotions into hyper-drive.

The transformation of friendship into love is handled very nicely by the author. The innovative sex leaves readers hot and bothered and full of ideas to carry out their own Seduction 101. Some pointers can definitely generate sizzle in any real relationship. Dealing with emotions of a myriad of different levels and dimensions, the plot is simple yet effective and enjoyable. There aren’t many secondary characters to mar the course of the storyline and the office romance theme works well here. Eric’s efforts in educating Julia brought a smirk to my lips every time she tried out something new and pushed him towards the edge. Ms. Reid’s charm works well here, giving us a fast-paced entertaining story laced with humor. Seduction 101 is an easy, enjoyable read that’ll give its readers some very memorable lessons.
Many thanks to Bramble Nymph! How very nice!


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