>Kalib’s Story

>L. Shannon and I have begun a fun and entertaining journey.

A few nights ago, she started a story about a vamp named Kalib, thinking she’d use it as a free giveaway to promote her upcoming vamp book coming out with Cobblestone Press, Love.

Well, Shannon got stuck on Kalib. She’d done a fantastic opener, had plotted the book, then said she was going to shove it to the side. I was aghast (to say the least–ever seen “aghast”? It’s not pretty. I can just hear my mother: “Your face is gonna freeze like that someday.”)

I convinced her to let me write 500 words on it, to jumpstart her back to “excited” about it. She didn’t care…I think she was over it on some level. I wrote the 500 words, and they did exactly what I hoped. She was excited again. She wrote 500 more, and then I wrote another 500…

In between the swapping back and forth, I finished the final edits on two other stories and submitted them for consideration, and she worked on her edits for two other stories also.

We’re now at almost 10,000 words, and people, that story ROCKS. I LOVE this book! Donna and Bree of Moira Rogers fame have been writing together for a while. Frankly, I never could picture doing it myself…but beginning with low expectations (on both Shannon’s and my parts) must have helped. We are having a BLAST doing it.

I’ve included a sample below. Her words are in blue…mine in black.

“It’s alright.” Kalib unfolded her hands from around his waist and took a step toward the door. “I’m assuming Uncle Sampson would like to assure himself my intentions are honorable.” He couldn’t keep a touch of the sardonic from his tone. This tall figure in black leather pants and long duster coat might look older than he, but Kalib had at least a hundred-fifty years on him.

Shasta grasped his hand, hers cool and a little shaky. “Don’t go outside. I’ll leave you two talk while I get some coffee. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long night.”

The two men watched the beautiful young woman until she left the room and was out of earshot.

Sampson didn’t waste any time. “She doesn’t know and if you’re not serious about this thing between you, I want it to stay that way.”

“I see.” Two hundred years of living had taught him one thing: there was never enough time to waste on bullshit. This guy was “no bullshit” personified.

“Good. Now what I want to know is if you’re responsible for the three dead girls we found last night? Because if you are, this is going to be one hell of a short reunion.” His posture was no longer relaxed. In the blink of an eye he was coiled and lethal. “Don’t bother lying–you know I’ll know. If you did what Pagan and I saw early this morning, one of us won’t be walking away with all of his body parts.”

Kalib liked the guy’s honesty even if the bravado was misplaced. He could easily sense that the vampire wasn’t very old by undead standards. He might have amazing strength and still not reach what an older vampire could do without raising a hand. “It was four.”

“For what?”

“Four women.” Kalib kept his gaze steady. “And no, I did not kill them, but I know who did.”

He paused only a moment. “Spit it out then.”



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2 responses to “>Kalib’s Story

  1. >Awesome! *rubs hands together* Now to convert everyone else… Mwahaha!!Donna

  2. >Isn’t it FUN? 😀 I could try to post something with what Donna wrote/what I wrote, but honestly? I’m not even sure we remember after a day!Woohoo collaboration!

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