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Jessica at Bookends was asking in her blog why writers seek publication. It’s a tough business, and she asked why writers feel compelled to tough it out–why don’t they just leave those precious manuscripts safely under the bed?
My favorite reply so far:
Words in my head are mine. They belong to me. Some I like to keep there, but the ones I feel compelled to write down are different. They are thoughts I want to share, to cast into the world searching for understanding. In my heart, I want them to make a difference somehow, if only for entertainment and nothing more.

The next step in the evolution of words I am compelled to take out of my head and commit to paper is to communicate them to others, to connect with others on the planet.

And books are amazing things–magic as simple as words on a page. Reading defies time and distance limitations between people. Books reach out and allow us to touch the commonality of living…war, pain, sorrow, deliverance, forgiveness, love… All human experience can be shown instead of discussed; can be examined and experienced through the words of others as I sit under a tree or in my favorite chair.

To write stories is to experience vicariously the thrill, the danger, the pain and overwhelming emotion of things–and to have those stories published and have others experience them with you is the ultimate high, an amazing feat accomplished with something so simple. Words on a page.

Getting a book published is where the magic really begins.  –Anonymous


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