>A Fan of Seduction 101

>A girl on one of the yahoo loops read my book and wrote this on a post today. SWEET!

I read Seduction when it first came out and forgot to post about it. Mea Culpa! So I started to refresh and read the first page and the whole story came flooding back to me. It is THAT memorable!

Julia and Eric have been best friends for 5 years. Julia is trying unsuccessfully to catch another man’s attention. Meanwhile Eric has been lusting for Julia for years but doesn’t want to ruin their friendship.

When Julia suggests he create training manual for her to use to seduce the other guy. Eric has a brain storm and comes up with the idea for Hands On `Seduction 101′ with him as teacher and the male stand in. The many twists, turns and misunderstandings will keep you reading as fast as you can.

This is a fun and very sexy romp and not to be missed. I loved it and think you will too. This is another great book that comes with my recommendation and stamp of approval.



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