>Bookstore Overload


It’s probably just me, but I got overwhelmed in the bookstore yesterday.
I drove over to Books A Million with Lisa, a girl I work with at the sign shop. (I get lost every time I go there, so I always like to have another person with me to say, “Not that way, Deb. Turn there.” The bookstore is only about 10 miles away and I’ve been to that particular one about fifty times, but that’s another story for another day.)
Plus, I always like to have Lisa with me so I don’t end up talking to myself. She’s cool and since we’re the only two women working with seven guys, we have to stick together.
We had to get a book on sales/marketing for the sign shop. Boss decided we needed to “reach out in the down economy and find new clients.” So while he’s talking on and on about politics and recession, I’m zoning and thinking, “Oooh, mileage reimbursement for going to the bookstore. Excellent!”
Found a couple of marketing/advertising books. Yippee. But that’s not the point. The point is after we found the books, we sort of meandered toward the front via the romance novel section. (The marketing/sales section was in the BACK of the store, so I was *not* wasting time).
The romance section is in the FRONT of the store which is nice, and it is enormous. Had to be seven or eight racks fifteen feet long, both sides covered with paperbacks in various stages of organization. I showed her how to turn out the covers on authors you like. (Authors do like it when you do that, by the way. The cover facing front catches the eye better than the spine. Bookstore stockers probably don’t like it much, but oh well.)
That’s when I got a little overwhelmed.
I held up one of the books. It was the latest JR Ward book (which I *loved*). I said, “Imagine this is my book.” Then I turned and waved it over my head. “Among all these others.”
She goes, “Yeah.”
I don’t know if she really understood. But I sure did. Thoughts like those make it a little tough to drag my ass out of bed at 4 am.
I put the book back on the shelf. “You know, that was a damn good book.”
“So you keep telling me,” Lisa said. “I’m going to read it.”
Good thing they serve coffee in bookstores nowadays. Makes the enormity of it all easier to swallow.


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