>What is great sex anyway?


Saw a post over at Dear Author today about some study members of the Society for Sex Therapy and Research did on “how long does good sex take”? Their final conclusion was between 3-30 minutes…
Honestly? Imagine what constitutes “good sex” for a second. Something like this works for me:

He picks you up in his very clean, good looking car (doesn’t have to be new, doesn’t have to be expensive–an old one cleaned to within an inch of its life will impress the hell outta me): 5-20 minutes

You drive to some place nice (movies, dinner, the awaiting limo where you fly to your destination, etc.): 5-120 minutes

He gets you from the car into the location, covering your hair if it’s raining, holding your hand or resting his hand on your lower back allowing for your slower walking time in those fantastic Manolo Blahniks you splurged on: 10-20 minutes

You dance, you have wine, you eat fabulous food, you watch movies and share popcorn—whatever you do, he flirts with you with his eyes and doesn’t even notice the gorgeous young waitress or Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader convention: 60-180 minutes

He returns you home making sweet conversation where you laugh: 5-120 minutes

You decide that oh yeah, he’s a keeper: (no time wasted here…you’ve figured it out about 10 minutes in)

The actual “sex” part: 3-30 minutes

He says you are the most beautiful and amazing woman he’s ever seen in his life and is practically rendered speechless by you: 3-30 minutes

Add all that up…NOW we’ve got ourselves some good sex, and we’re looking at anywhere from an hour and a half to over 8 hours.

All the therapists in the world don’t know what romance novelists know…it’s not the in-and-out that gets it done. It’s everything before and after…if you’re lucky, YEARS after. 🙂

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  1. >I like your version of ‘great sex’ over theirs any day of the week! 🙂

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