>Saw Indiana Jones 4 Today

>Wrote my 2k this morning on a new story I’m working on…then I took the kid, a neighbor kid and Mom to see Indiana Jones 4 at the theater. With the price of tickets, gas and popcorn, I figure we spent around $60. Ouchee. Was it worth it??

Oh yes! I’ve loved Harrison Ford for years, and he does not disappoint. The movie was funny, funny, funny! And sweet, and the kids just loooooved it. I had a great time. That refrigerator scene just about broke me up laughing.

I saw the original in the theater when it came out 27 years or so ago. I’ve read quite a few “less than stellar” reviews of this new picture, and maybe you just had to be there when it all began to truly appreciate it. I’m not sure, but I will say that I loved it. Super fun, no stress entertainment.

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  1. >Sounds like fun was had by all!We usually wait until a movie is released on DVD and then hightail it out to the parent’s house (they have a HUGE tv and surround sound) much cheaper than the theatre. *sigh* I just don’t have the fortitude anymore for kids and the theatre.

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