>How to Brainstorm a Plot out of Thin Air

>Debra Moore: i’m having that 20k “I don’t know where I’m going anymore” fear coming on. it’s really like driving in the dark. I can only see as far as the headlights and the destination is 1000 miles away
L Shannon: ah, can that happen at 50k?
Debra Moore: i think it’s possible to have it anywhere. LOL
L Shannon: lol. this part is at 18k or 19k. so I guess we are close to the same place. how long do you see yours ending up?
Debra Moore: i need it to be 60k. what do you do when you’re not sure where to go after the next scene?
L Shannon: set out the list of plot points that I have and see where they naturally lead and how to get from one to the next. you saw my list method
Debra Moore: yeah.
L Shannon: not any help huh?
Debra Moore: well, it is. if i had plot pointS! Instead of only having 1 step left and 40k to fill! LOL
L Shannon: lol
Shannon: what is your one step?
Debra Moore: let me find it
Debra Moore: well i guess 2 more steps
Debra Moore: first, he gives up and plans to go back home
Debra Moore: then she comes through for him
Debra Moore: that’s pretty much it, and not nearly enough depth for 40k more. And it’s bugging me that he’s such a wimp. Giving up…sheesh. LOL. And now I have this crazy marauding brother to deal with first. Unleashed him a couple of scenes ago (by accident). LOL
L Shannon: What does the brother want?
Debra Moore: he wants to be Err of the planet
L Shannon: which means what?
Debra Moore: Victor is the next in line to be king; Brenner is his brother
L Shannon: so this is a bid for the crown
Debra Moore: kinda. although Victor doesn’t want the crown, but he can’t have the land, and he can’t stay here. He’ll “do his duty”
L Shannon: but he’ll have to take the crown anyhow; even if he got the land, he’d still have to be king, wouldn’t he? I thought the property would end up being his version of Martha’s Vineyard
Debra Moore: nope, because he’s going to live in the community he wants to build on earth.
L Shannon: Okay I have a problem with that
Debra Moore: me too-LOL!
L Shannon: I understand his wanting it, but I think he has to find it impossible. I mean he is kingly and that alone is a big deal.
Debra Moore: well, to colonize earth is a big deal…and he’ll convince daddy that he’s the man for that job. Of course, daddy probably doesn’t care about that-he wants V to be king.
L Shannon: here is what I’m thinking… your biggest plot point is the battle for the crown. It’s not that he wants it, but he knows how Brenner would be as king and can never let that happen. So he could use that as a bartering point. If he gets this place as a settlement then his father won’t pressure him to be king for a while longer… or something
Debra Moore: actually, i think that his father is gonna let the princess be king instead of Brenner
L Shannon: What if his father wants to step down
Debra Moore: the father is dying, well, not like right this second, but he’s old and gonna die. He wants to set everything in place-get the next ruler in place before he croaks.
L Shannon: hmm
L Shannon: ok
L Shannon: I don’t like him shirking his duty but I like the idea of him asking the king to train the princess. I think that’s what she needs too (more responsibility)
Debra Moore: maybe i should have princess talk to him…present him with a possible solution that wouldn’t allow Brenner to be king
Debra Moore: that could be a possible plot point
L Shannon: I think it has to come from him
Debra Moore: but he’d check with her first…it would be his idea
L Shannon: maybe have a bet between him and the king. If he gets this settlement then the king trains the princess and offers her the chance to prove worth of being queen
L Shannon: I don’t think he would check with her, not if he knew her and knew it was what she needed, and it isn’t like he would be say, BAM you’re queen. Just giving her the chance to bid for the crown
Debra Moore: and the king would know she wasn’t ready either. We already remember this princess from book 1. spoiled brat
L Shannon: right
L Shannon: and then in book three…
L Shannon: LOL
L Shannon: ROFL
Debra Moore: okay, this is good. (the one notable exception that book 3 reference). I’ll add this to my notes
L Shannon: but first he has to get the settlement
Debra Moore: yes
L Shannon: She helps him recover enough to offer the land and get the truth
L Shannon: hmmm which she would not believe
Debra Moore: until she flew to the planet, of course. she knows something is weird about him already-she’s seen some of his powers
L Shannon: she has her doubts but offers to let him explain. Brenner shows up shooting…whoops almost forgot to mention mad brother
L Shannon: They run and next thing she knows they’re on his ship
L Shannon: on their way to graceland
Debra Moore: (humming…they’re going to graceland) That’s what started this whole story in the first place. I shouldn’t listen to Paul Simon when I write…
L Shannon: because crazy Brenner intends to beat him home and kill the king
Debra Moore: holy crap! You think he would kill the king!??
L Shannon: of course he would
Debra Moore: ouchee. He’s worse than I thought…
L Shannon: evil bastard-but if he gets there first with word that V was killed by the humans, he could claim the crown and open war on the people he hates
Debra Moore: okay, that’s the spot right there…now there’s enough for a novel
Debra Moore: Oh, and don’t you dare say it
L Shannon: keep in mind… I get carried away plotting. Ignore anything that doesn’t work for you
Debra Moore: you know you wanna say “Now you’ve got enough for a series of novels!”
L Shannon: LOL
Debra Moore: LOL
L Shannon: well…you do
Debra Moore: no, i think it’s all really good, and it’s scaring me because now I’m way over 60k i can feel it!!! Ack. I gotta quit asking you for plotting advice.
L Shannon: lol
L Shannon: well just write it and don’t sweat the length
Debra Moore: you realize that whenever i finally get this done and you finish journey, we could write a story together again, but if you keep suggesting more and more crazy stuff—then there will be MORE BOOKS in the damn ET thing. With all your wild ideas, we’ll never get to write together again
L Shannon: LOL
L Shannon: well I still have to write Blindsided and a dozen others
Debra Moore: how will Sampson ever get his hea???
L Shannon: lol
L Shannon: soon. Sampson will get his HEA soon…
Debra Moore: not the way you plot, he won’t. LMAO


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