>Seduction 101 Joyfully Reviewed

>”As a high-powered marketing executive, Julia is well aware of how sex sells, but she falls short when trying to catch the eye of a co-worker. Julia enlists her platonic best friend, Eric, to help her seduce her co-worker.

“Her best bud Eric has other plans. He is not interested in helping her seduce another man, he wants her to himself. So he sets his plan into motion. A weekend getaway for the two of them, a plan he calls Seduction 101.

“Seduction 101 has all the elements that make this a great read. Lust, love, a little comedy, and some great sex scenes. Moira Reid sets the stage for this seduction with a misunderstanding about Eric’s sexual preference and things go haywire after that. This short story packs quite a punch – Eric and Julia have some seriously hot chemistry. Sign up for Seduction 101 and you just might like going back to school. Class is in session!”

Yay! Thank you, Vivian


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