>Happy Anniversary – Life in the Big Woods


Thirteenth wedding anniversary was a success. (We’re still married, so that counts as success already, but the actual celebration of it was fun, too. LOL And I didn’t forget it this year like I did last year–also success.)

We drove up to the mountains and hung out together, went out to eat, looked at deer, saw a rattlesnake–no joke. A real, honest-to-God 3 foot long rattlesnake. I was less than 3 feet from it (from inside the car, of course). More on that story in a minute.

Keeping in mind I’m not much of an outdoors kind of person (okay, yeah, understatement of the year), I had a really good time. Of course, the place we stayed had air conditioning so it wasn’t like we were roughing it or anything. My days of sleeping in tents are OVER.

That’s the man I married right there in the photo…I think that picture pretty much sums the guy up. If he were wearing camo, it would be perfect.

Now, about that rattlesnake. We’re driving along on some WAYback road and he stops the car.

“Why did you stop?”

“There’s a rattlesnake in the road.”

“What?” I look around, and see something. “That’s a stick in the road. “

“That is a rattlesnake.”

“How can you tell? It’s dark out here. And that thing isn’t moving.”

“It’s a rattlesnake. Trust me.”

“I’m going to get out and poke it with a stick. If it is a rattlesnake, it’s dead.”

“You are NOT getting out of the car…and it’s not dead.”

“Drive up next to it so I can see. I’ll lean out the window and take a picture of it.”

“Debra, they can jump the length of their body. DON’T lean out the window.”

He drove up next to it. I rolled down my window and looked. The thing’s head turned toward me.

I jumped so high I knocked myself in the head on the roof of the car. “*^%%! It IS ALIVE.”

“Uh huh.”

“Okay, let me take the picture!!!” I pulled out my camera and snapped a photo. “You walk around in these woods with poisonous snakes in them?!”

“Yeah, but you probably shouldn’t–since you might try to poke a ‘dead’ but not-actually-dead one with a stick.”

He knows me so well. And that’s why I love the guy…not once did he get upset or tell me I was an idiot. LOL. He just stays so calm all the time. For a high-strung girl like me, you gotta love that.
See? It is a rattlesnake. Ick. Why oh why would people want to walk around with things like this hanging out masquerading as sticks?



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8 responses to “>Happy Anniversary – Life in the Big Woods

  1. >Happy Anniversary Deb and da man! And I’m quite glad he keeps you calm. I just wish he’d keep you in bed at 4am. πŸ™‚

  2. >Happy Anniversary, Debra! You guys are the cutest couple ever! πŸ™‚ I have a crush on the hubster. What a sweetie! Who knew rattlesnakes could JUMP!!! I’m glad he didn’t get you. The little ones are as poinsonous as the big ones…Have fun!

  3. >Happy Anniversary, but yikes about the snake. :/

  4. >Happy Anniversary!! AND…you are fifteen kinds of crazy. Only you would want to poke it with a stick. Ever hear ‘let sleeping dogs lie’? LOL.

  5. >Congratulations! Your hubby sounds like such an awesome guy!My hubby and I just celebrated our 15th! And that snake is really cool. I love snakes.

  6. >Happy anniversary. I love camping. The only time I came across a rattle snake was a dead one. My daughter and I were taking a short hike and saw it. Talk about “girly-oh-my-god-is-that-a-snake” dancing and screaming. My hubby came at a run! LOL.Great picture of the rattler. Geez, I didn’t know they could jump. I’ll remember that the next time I’m hiking. Shudder!

  7. >I, too, am not a camper, but an occasional foray into the mountains is tolerable. We’re going this weekend so I can snap some pics for writing inspiration. The rattlesnake…well, I live in rattlesnake country out in SE Colorado. Even in our small town, you watch where you step.However, our rattlers aren’t as big as Texas rattlers. Check this: http://urbanlegends.about.com/library/bl_texas_rattlesnake.htm

  8. >I was just telling my kid yesterday how great her dad is…we go places, he gets us there. (I have a bad, bad BAD sense of direction.) We go in the woods, he keeps me alive. LOLHe calls in the morning to make sure I’m awake and moving, brings me medicine when I’m sick, Yep…he’s cool. Everybody should be so lucky.

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