>Where’s Moira?


A week has gone by already? The summer is moving too quickly for me. Heck, life is moving too fast for me. Soon it will be winter again…okay, not going to think about that…
Lie Against Me Update: Hard at work on the ET sequel, and my editor at Samhain has the first book at the moment. Wild stuff keeps happening in the story and I don’t know how much of it I will keep and how much I’ll toss later. For now, it’s all hanging in there and I’m seeing where it leads. I do have an outline (thanks for the help on that one, Shannon), but the details of the worldbuilding are multiplying exponentially. Close to 50k at the moment, and I can see it finishing around 70k. Currently have it planned as a three-book series.
Steel City Vampire/Vampire Oracle Update: Sunlight isn’t far from its release date–September 5th. I’m really looking forward to that. L. Shannon’s book, Love, is out now, and I just heard that Summer sold One Wild Night to Cobblestone, which features another of the Steel City Vampires. That turned out to be a fun bunch of characters, and I’m pretty sure Shannon has a couple more books in her for more of the vamps in that bunch.
National Novel Writing Month Update: Nano isn’t far off now. I’ve got to get around to plotting something to work on for that…always have a blast in November. Considering using some of the stuff writers came up with while RWA was going on last week called “Left Behind and Loving It”. There is a whole list of online workshops at the end of her post, if you’re interested. I’m considering this one because it appeals to the step-by-step approach inside me.
On Mental Illness and Creative Types. Oh, and here’s an interesting statistic from Lynn Viehl’s blog when someone asked her about creative types and mental illness: “About the only statistics I can find are from a ten year study by a researcher at the University of Kentucky Medical Center. His study showed that between 59% and 77% of professionals working in artistic/creative fields (i.e. artists, writers, and musicians) suffered some form of mental illness, as compared to 18% to 29% percent among less artistic professionals.” If that is true, (and it sure sounds true), it explains a lot. I have been going through some kind of mental stress here lately myself, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Living inside your own head can be a dangerous place sometimes. My abundantly logical mind is the only thing tethering me to reality most days. Yesterday was a perfect example of how hard I have to hold onto the rope of my sanity to make it through the day. Not going to go into that here, though. Who wants to read about my insanity anyway? I certainly don’t. My current coping plan is to let the bad guy in my current WIP completely lose his mind. I’ve got plenty of angst to work out on that guy anyway, and why not kill two birds, right?



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2 responses to “>Where’s Moira?

  1. >I think we writers have to be a little mental. Aside from the fact that we hear voices, we willingly submit to the torture of writing for hours on end, forgoing clean laundry and decent food, and do I need to mention critiques and edits?

  2. >I would agree on the mental illness part…just because nowadays everything outside the ‘norm’ seems to be tagged with the ‘mental illness’ stamp. I like to think I’m normal…I’m even tempered, you can hold a conversation with me without giving someone over my shoulder a ‘WTF’ look, etc.However, there is one part of me that has never been ‘normal.’ I can’t stand traditional work environments! I don’t do well focusing on work that doesn’t completely interest me, and that’s just about every job I’ve ever held. Very few things hold my attention…and the stuff that does seems to revolve around the creative arts: tv, film, books, cooking. Luckily, I am able to run my own business and find time to write in between that. But if I were still working in an office, I think my soul would be gone by now. It’s a creativity destroyer.

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