>Twilight by Stephenie Meyer


Okay, my mom is officially nuts. I just finished Twilight, and I absolutely loved it!

She bought a copy of it and the second book (only ones in paperback in the bookstore at the time) last week. She was reading her copy, so I got mine from the library. Finished it in 2 days…something I never do (for many reasons…full-time job, writing, and well, gotta sleep sometime).

I’m not a book reviewer by any stretch, so I’ll just summarize. Edward is one fabulous vampire and the story is told in first person by Bella, a 17-year old high school student recently relocated to a little town to live with her divorced father. Edward is immediately drawn to her in a way that astounds, frightens and horrifies him, but of course, he can’t resist her. So, he becomes her protector and ultimately, she can’t ignore him either because he’s astoundingly beautiful (the better to bring in the prey, so he says…nice touch by the author), and his voice and mannerisms are seductive and hypnotizing. Oh yeah, well done on that hero creation, I must say.

The story moves moment to moment-plenty of action, nice character development, and I was hooked big time. My mother called it “juvenile” but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t a writing issue at all. The language is quite beautiful, in fact, and very clean. (I adore clean writing.) I think the “juvenile” comment was really pertaining to the fact that the story is about teenagers (putting aside the fact the vampires look like teenagers but are considerably older), and she’s far from being one…so am I for that matter, but I do recall how it felt to be one, oh so long ago. 🙂

Which is what got me to thinking about aging and love…but that’s an aside, and I’ll deal with it another day. For now, yep, borrowing the next one from Mom so I can read it this weekend. Fabulous…


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