Anybody else miss this the first time around? Shannon told me about it a week ago, and I watched all 22 episodes of the first season on-line over the last 3 days. Woot!

Here’s a blurb: Human/Alien hybrids, must hide their alien sides to fit into their New Mexico-high school, while attempting to learn about their past, their gifts, and love as outsiders. Their destinies clash with their feelings as they discover the extraordinary circumstances that led them to Earth, and may eventually lead them home.

Still working on my ET series but I’d been crashing and burning, especially after reading the Twilight books. She suggested I watch it to “get back in the swing.” Very fun!!!

Oh, and the hunk on that show was Jason Behr…now age 35 or so. He was playing a 17-year old in 1999, but I noted they managed to dress him in really baggy clothes to hide that perfect “older dude” body.

To watch online: http://www.hulu.com/roswell



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4 responses to “>Roswell

  1. >LOL Oh, Roswell. Let me know if you want to read any angsty fanfic, because that’s sort of what I occupied myself with for about a year or so.I was more about Michael and Maria. But Jason Behr is HAWT.

  2. >Never watched this show, but Jason Behr, oh yeah. 😉 He’s the inspiration for one of my upcoming heroes. 😀

  3. >Tried to find that photo, Bree, but it was “currently unavailable.” Bummer! Better email me…I’m dying to see it now…Donna, a year! Woot! I wouldn’t have survived a year of it…Jason was toooo smokin’. Michael and Maria together were just too square peg/round hole for me, but separately, I loved them both.Yo, you gotta watch the first episode at any rate. Yum city.

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