>Fly in the Ointment…and getting it out


Small fly in the ointment…and a good reason to always check contracts before you sign then. (As if anyone ever needed that reminder.)
The story Shannon and I were working on was going to mention our two vampires from the Oracle books (Dillon from Love and Johnathan from Sunlight), but…those characters are actually the property of Cobblestone Press, not us. Ooops. Since we were considering submitting the manuscript to various places, that’s a problem. If I’d read the contract again before we began the draft, I would have noticed that. And I will add that a buddy of mine told me to double-check on this before beginning, but I didn’t. Dumb mistake. Not the end of the world, but definitely a dumb mistake. I would still have signed the contract; I just wouldn’t have started a story planning to put my guy in it.
The good news is that it’s not that big of a deal–this is not a novel about either of those guys. But we both liked Dillon and Johnathan, so we were going to have a scene where they had a small “walk-on”. So, we’ll just have to leave those two guys out of the story because the rights to use either of them in any story will never belong to us. The bad news is that fact took a little wind out of our sails, so we decided to table it for a while.
It’s not like Shannon and I don’t have plenty to do anyway. She’s working on Dead Men’s Nails. I recently finished the first draft of my second ET book (which had a title but it’s going to change). It’s time for the second draft now, and a lot of stuff in addition to the title needs to change. It took me a while to figure out what the story was about, so yeah. Plenty to add/subtract/change. The first draft ran 65k or so, and I can easily see 45-50k of it biting the dust. Doesn’t sound like a very efficient way to write a book, does it? LOL
In other news, I no longer work at the sign shop. After 12 years, it was time for a change anyway, so it’s all good. I’m deep in the “send resumes and get interviews” stage of job hunting at the moment. There’s something very humbling about the process and in a lot of ways reminds me of submitting manuscripts to publishers (because that always feels like interviewing for “a job”). I guess it feels that way because that’s really what it is. Everything you have to say for yourself is on the paper you send to someone…and it had better be enough to convince them you’re the right person for the job. There’s no “right” answer either. It’s either “a good fit” in either case, or it isn’t. Doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the applicant or the manuscript. “The fit” just to be right.
And so, yesterday I went through the whole story and replotted how it should go. I feel much better about the whole thing now…all that’s left is to rewrite it. Today, the rewrite begins.
Oh, a buddy of mine just sent me this. How timely.
God is always giving us opportunities to move forward in life. It is God’s desire that you grow and reach your full potential. Anytime you take a step forward, the enemy will try to bring opposition and adversity against you. But God also promises that through Him, you can overcome any opposition the enemy brings your way.

When you step out in faith and the opposition comes, stand your ground and keep doing what you know to do. Keep walking in love and forgiveness, and keep your heart tender. When the enemy sees that you are more determined than he is, he’ll back down and you will move forward to new levels of victory! Stay focused and full of joy no matter what comes against you. As you do, you will overcome opposition and discover the champion in you!


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  1. >Good luck with the job hunt Deb. I’m in the middle of it myself (fortunately, while working), so I know the feeling. And as for the story, you and Shannon have lots of stories for lots of different characters. It just wasn’t time to write *this* particular one. Who knows about the future?

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