>3 Years of Blogging!


Just noticed today that tomorrow is my blog’s 3-year anniversary! I had no idea I’d been doing this for so long. If someone had asked me, I would have guessed 2 at the most.
My first blog post: Sept 2005:
Today is my first blog. This is my method of staying focused on daily goals for my writing. I’m going for 4 pages a day, every day.
A man asked me the other evening at a party how many books I’d published. I made a guess at 10, and he looked surprised that I didn’t know. Pathetic that I didn’t, actually, but once I finish a book, I pretty much go on from there. I got to thinking I really *should* know the answer to that, so I came to the blog to check. I had to check my other blogs too since I write under a few different names. In the interest of keeping the identities separate, I’ll not mention the book titles for my other pennames.
Since September 2005, I’ve written/published:
Hawkes Abandon, sold 1/07 – full length novel
Pay Dirt, sold 9/07 – full length novel
Paid in Full, sold 9/07 – novella
Seduction 101, sold 12/07 – novella
Sunlight, sold 2/08 – novella
(Title hidden), sold 3/07 – novella
(Title hidden), sold 8/07 – novella
(Title hidden), sold 12/07 – novella
(Title hidden), sold 3/08 – novella
(Title hidden), sold 8/08 – novella
Finished but not yet sold:
Dangerous Truth – full length novel
Deep Cover (ET Book 1)- full length novel
Rent A Husband – novella
Seducing Sabine – novella
Tessa’s Treasure- full length novel
(Title hidden) – novella
(Title hidden) – novella
I also started this bunch, got stuck, and shelved them for a while. (I call them my “stories going nowhere”):
A Dish Served Cold – 75,000 words
Altered Secrets – 20,000 words
Meeting in Secret – 41,000 words
Live Until You Die – 8000 words
The Watch – 6000 words
Untitled ET Sequel – 87,000 words (working on this one now)
I started the blog to get myself focused, and all in all, I’ve met my original blog goal of writing 4 pages a day. I didn’t do an exact count, but if it’s not 4 pages, it’s pretty darn close. (And I really need to take a look at some of those shelved stories one of these days after I finish the next draft of the ET sequel. There might be something in there worth saving…)



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4 responses to “>3 Years of Blogging!

  1. >All of that in just three years?! You are a machine!

  2. >Happy anniversary. You know, it’s my wedding anniversary today too. πŸ™‚

  3. >Gees, I’m going to have to step back and do a little self evaluation! Egads again. But yeah, what Yolanda said, Happy Anniversary and wow!Also sweet story about your first blog. I’m in awe.

  4. >Yeah don’t feel bad…I’d have to stop and try to name them to count them up. πŸ˜€ You’ve got a truckload of books…that’s fabulous!

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