>Code Monkey and Writer Monkey

>Getting a lot of writing done and my house is cleaner than it has ever been. LOL I’ve even cooked a couple of times with all my free time. That’s kinda different. When I only had 4 or 5 hours a day to write, I was getting in about 1000-2000 words (4-8 pages) a day. Yesterday, I wrote 8500 words (34 pages). That’s what extra hours can get you. (It also gets you a really numb butt.)

Oh, one of my writer buddies showed me this (she’s a computer programmer). I really like it…plus, the guy has a nice voice. Oh, and it has the added bonus of being funny.



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2 responses to “>Code Monkey and Writer Monkey

  1. >Just a lurker on your blog, but I thought you might like this link too. The beat is a little faster, and he added drums and graphics. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4Wy7gRGgeAIt's one of my favorite videos.

  2. >I have lurkers?? Wow. That makes me cool. :-)Those are some cool graphics, too.

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