>Forever My Lady by Jeff Rivera


Here’s an interesting story. This young man, Jeff Rivera, self-published a book a while back, then had it picked up by Grand Center Publishing (aka Warner Books). It was released yesterday. Amazon even has it for the Kindle (woot!)!
He contacted me recently and asked if I’d include a note about him and his book on my blog. I told him I’d be happy to. You never know how you’ll come across the next great book to read…

If you’d like to know a little more about him, check out below! And be sure to check out his novel, Forever My Lady. (from Publisher’s Weekly: “A genuine care for dynamic Dio allows Rivera to deliver a sincere story of transformation.”)

You have said in interviews that you experienced abuse when you were a child. Is that why you had two of your characters go through the same?

Yeah, they say you write what you know. More than me being abused I saw people close to me going through the same thing and I think that’s just as bad because as child you feel powerless to stop any of it from having. But I feel blessed to have come out of it and to be able to help other young people going through it if only by example.

Forever My Lady started out as a script didn’t it? Which do you prefer writing novels or writing screenplays?

Yes, originally it was a screenplay and only out of frustration did I turn to writing novels. Now, I feel blessed because I found my calling, writing novels.

What writers do you look up to?

I look up to many writers big and small, prolific writers and people who of course are the mega-bestselling authors as well.

What mistakes do you see other writers who are trying to break in doing?

I think they don’t take their time to make sure there books are truly ready to be published. They are so much in a rush and desperation to land an agent they don’t go beyond their friends and family for honest feedback and that’s a big mistake.

Where can we purchase Forever My Lady?

You can go to: Amazon.com, http://www.JeffRivera.com or pick up one at your local bookstore.


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  1. >Thanks so much for your support, Debra!! — Jeff Rivera (Author of FOREVER MY LADY)

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