>Five Minutes – Flash fiction

>I wrote a quick story a little while back to cheer up Shannon. Justin was the name of one of her puppies that had passed. I’m not much of a dog lover myself, but she certainly is. She said she cracked up when she read it, so it had the desired effect. Dee talked me into posting it here…for your entertainment…

Five Minutes

Shannon laid her head on the kitchen table, her hand resting on the back of her cocker spaniel, Justin. Billions of people obliterated in the next five minutes. The idea was terrifying, true and imminent.

Still, some would survive, wouldn’t they? Even an asteroid as big as the one approaching earth couldn’t wipe out everyone like they said it would…could it? She hadn’t worried about dying since becoming a vampire in the late 1800’s. Living forever had become almost boring. Feeding, avoiding the sun, watching humanity get stupider and stupider.

Then this.

Soundtrack music from some of the sappier movies of the 80’s echoed from the television, mournful, meaningful tunes to accompany the talking heads crying their good-byes to loved ones. First the president sobbing to a “wonderful nation under God,” to a cadre of movie celebrities acting their hearts out. Since the announcement by NASA four months ago, those actors must have been rehearsing day and night to come up with just the right words and gestures…

She rose from her seat and reached for the knob. Well, the military heroes overseas at least seemed unrehearsed.

What should one do with the last moments of their life, she wondered as she stared at the U.S. Colonel telling his children he loved them.

When her parents had passed, she’d been a fledgling. Cole had kept her away. “You’ll have no control. Even if you wanted to vamp them, you couldn’t.” That had sucked pretty bad.

Decades later, when Cole was stabbed through the heart with a stake, she’d been by his side as he’d turned to dust. Yeah, that sucked, too.

Was there no way to watch someone die that didn’t suck? Was there nothing to do in these last moments that would be worth doing?

She wondered why she wasn’t afraid. There wasn’t time, she guessed. Two minutes to go. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she’d heard the clock’s relentless ticking, moving her toward ashes.

Wait a minute. How long is that…? She ran into the living room and starting flipping CDs out into the floor. “Damn, where is that…”

And there it was. She shoved the CD into the player and cranked the volume as far around as it would go. She kicked off her shoes.

“Come on, Justin!”

She scooped the dog into her arms and sang as loudly as she could.

“Well we’re big rock singers we got golden fingers and we’re loved everywhere we go…”

Singing along with Dr. Hook, she spun and dipped, jumped and shimmied.

“But the thrill we’ve never known, is the thrill that’ll get you when you get your picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone…”

Before the song was over, she knew she would be gone. However others spent their last moments, she knew this was how she wanted to spend hers, how she should have spent more moments on the earth.

Dancing with her dog.



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2 responses to “>Five Minutes – Flash fiction

  1. >I still say this is how everyone will want to go. Dancing with their dog. 🙂

  2. >Aww, this is such a sweet little story! I agree, it’s a great way to go!

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