>Nano Update


I took this photo the other day while I was waiting for my mom to come out of the bank. The birds just happened to fly over as I was taking it. Pretty. Wish I’d gotten a little more of the steeple, but I still like it.

Meanwhile, nano! Woot! I did a detailed outline this time before beginning. I even tried this thing Dee had suggested (she read it in Zette’s book on nano, available on the nano website). It said to break down the scenes into 30 items, then you’ll have something to write for each of the 30 days.

I somehow ended up with 31, but oh well. My problem is really the opposite of having too many items. I’m on item 10, and it’s only the 6th. Also, each of those 30 need to have about 1700 words in them. Mine don’t. LOL I’m really hoping things will “fatten” up on the later items, otherwise I’m going to finish the story before I finish 50k.

All in all though, the list has helped me a ton! Knowing exactly what I’m working on each day is helping keep me on track each time I sit down to write. Of course, it took me a week on the front end to create the outline (which ended up at 7000 words–none of which I can use). I’m thinking based on how smoothly the writing part of it is going, though, and not having the fear of “the sagging middle”, the extra time doing the outline was completely worthwhile.

Generally, I have a real problem making myself stick to an outline…this time I swore to myself I would NOT deviate in the first draft, no matter what supposedly fantastic idea showed up. Wearing that straightjacket has does something amazing–it’s actually freed me! LOL

So having a great time!! It’s not too late to start if you haven’t yet. We’re only 6 days in! Best of luck to all nanoers!


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