>Message from Japan and Babelfish

>My dear friend from Japan, Atsumi–I was thinking about her yesterday and remembered babelfish (a wonderful translating software available free on line). I decided to write to her.

こんにちは! いかにあったか。 私は印の店でもう働かない。 私は1週以内に新しい仕事を始める。 12年間のそこに働くこと後で、私は新しい仕事を始めて嬉しい。 私は会計をする。 あなたの家族は元気ですか。 私の姉妹は乳癌を経験したが、彼女はよりよい今することである。 彼女は外科および治療を有した。 彼女は彼女の毛をすべて失った。 しかし彼女は生きて、私達は賛美される。 愛、 I hope this makes sense. Deb

For those of you who do not speak Japanese…you can translate it using Babelfish. 🙂

Her reply:

Thank you for your Japanese mail!:-D
I understood approximate contents.
It was surprised very much that your sister was breast cancer. When was she
operated on? I want to say to her that “You tried an operation hard”.

Did you change your job? It was good that new work was suitable for you.
In fact,I was intending to e-mail you.
I moved in Osaka last week.
We bought the room of the apartment near my parent’s house.

New address:(deleted)

I intended to go to meet you in this summer, but the expense disappeared for
moving. I do not seem to be able to go to U.S.A. for the time being.
Please come to Osaka again. LOL

Best regards,

I really do hope one day I can get back to Japan to see her. I was there from 1974-1977. My father was in the military, and we lived on an Air Force Base called Tachikawa (which was closed in 1977, I believe). She was a Girl Scout (as was I), and we met through an international exchange program there. That was 34 years ago now. Astounding really how time has flown.


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