>Nano 1/2 Way Mark!


Well, I passed the halfway point last night on my nano story. Still also trying to write a short story I have contracted, but that one is harder. I had outlines for both, but the outline for the short story ran out at 8000 words of story. (Uh, it was supposed to be closer to 15k–Still working on fixing that problem.)

As usual, Nano is a blast this year. Have been enjoying it greatly, although I did get a little sidetracked the past couple of days with a novel I was reading…Spin by Robert Charles Wilson. Fantastic!!!! Couldn’t put it down. (Added bonus–learned a bunch of new words! The writer’s vocabulary was considerably larger than mine…LOL) Oh, but here’s the thing: I read it on my Kindle, so whenever I came across a word I didn’t know (or wanted to *really* know instead of *kind of understand*, I could instantly click a button and look it up on the dictionary provided on the Kindle–WOOT! That’s what I’m talking about!

Meanwhile, the picture above is available as a poster from the nano website. I think I might have to break down and get myself one. Too cool.


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