>Twilight Review!!! I finally saw the movie!


All my little teen cousins saw it at midnight on Thursday, so I’ve refused to speak to any of them until I saw it…I did read all the books, and I liked them a lot. I didn’t read anything deep into them—just thought they were plain old fun to read.

I got back from the movie like 10 minutes ago! I thought the movie makers did a fine job of adapting the book, which is perhaps more than usually full of internal angst by the main character—traditionally difficult to “show” in a movie. They made a few “leaps” in terms of turning the contents of the novel into more action, but I thought they were pretty good choices.

Kirsten Stewart, the girl playing Bella (the main character), was just wonderful. She’s a heck of an actress, and I think I liked her portrayal of the character even better than the actual Bella from the novels. She made the character a little more real to me and not quite so “teenage angsty”. I’ve seen her in other movies…she’s good. I enjoyed her performance.

And our hero, the pale, wild-haired Edward. Yummy. Robert Pattinson, bless his heart, has had some difficulty dealing with all the wild, screaming fans of the books, but he was great in the movie. The delivery of some of those lines had to be tough. You know, the kind of stuff that people making fun of romance novels always want to read aloud. There’s just no good way to say “You are my life now” and make it sound real unless you’re alone with someone…pulling it off on screen is a tough one, I would think. All in all though, he was believable. Heck, if I were 15, I’d be in love with him. 🙂

I also heard the contacts really bothered him…honestly? I’m considering getting a set of them for myself–they really did look cool.

So yeah…I liked it. Great escapism fun.

And the soundtrack was great!


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