>Struggling…editing bites


Struggling with these edits. Have gotten to the love scene now, and everything sounds beyond stupid. Nobody does this stuff, and if they do I don’t want to know about it. Oy. I’m halfway tempted to trash the next bunch of pages and start over. Fixing it is just too horrible to think about. I tried to talk Shannon into doing it for me, but she wouldn’t. I even offered to pay her, give her my house…but no. Bummer.
I was just thinking about it…I have a lot of stories at the point of needing an edit. Five or six even, 3 of them full-length novels. Man, editing bites. The first draft is SOOO FUN, and all the rest is just plain trenching in a bloody rainstorm of pain. The next couple of months are going to bite.
Okay, enough angsting. I’ve got 10 pages left, and this story will be done. Just 10 more pages to wade through…I can do this.



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2 responses to “>Struggling…editing bites

  1. >Deb, I know exactly what you mean. I’m in Revision City right now, and some days it’s not a fun place to be. Still, you know that it’s all worth it in the end, right? ;)Just keep in truckin’.

  2. >Yeah, Yo, I saw on your blog all the writing you’ve been doing and your plans for the edits. I know I should just suck it up and do it, but I swear opening that file is about the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I HATE THAT STORY. ARGH!And yet, leaving things undone is anathema, so I’ve gotta suck it up.

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