>FTW–what do you want?


FTW (or for those of you like me who had no idea what this meant until recently, “for the win”), what do you want?
Sis has been here for the past 3 weeks. She had her reconstruction surgery the last day of 2008 after the year-long process beginning with a double mastectomy in February, chemo all year followed by the 10-month long process of stretching the remaining skin over her chest into boob shapes so saline implants could be put in. In February (or is it March) she’ll have nipples created using the remaining skin and then areolas tattoed around that. (Isn’t that wild? I had no idea that’s how they did that.) Anyway, the long ordeal is almost over. Her main concern since the beginning has been, oddly enough, that her hair would fall out because of the chemo. And it did. And now it’s growing back. Too bad the boobs don’t just grow back…would have saved 49 trips to the doctor. Yeah, 49. I can’t even picture 49 visits to doctors in a year.
So, while she was here…we were talking. I was telling her how my list of new year’s resolutions had gone onto 2 pages. On my list included catching up from 2008:
oil change on Honda (yeah, I’m over 10,000 miles…what of it?)
need a haircut, dye job, manicure and pedicure (she says I have janky feet and do NOT take care of them properly)
need groceries in the worst way (she was amazed/disgusted by the food I’d eaten from the back of the cabinets when I had no other choices)
set up a dry cleaning schedule and get stuff to cleaners
go to dentist and get tooth fixed (I cracked one a month ago and still haven’t gone)
get eyes checked and get some new glasses (can’t see far away worth a damn and sat on my glasses over 2 years ago…been squinting ever since)
schedule mammogram in March
schedule pap in February
And that’s just the off-the-top-of-my-head nonwriting stuff. She listened to me griping about all the maintenance of life. Considering what she’d just been though, I thought it was pretty big of her not to smack me in the head. She said, “Damn Deb, all of life is maintenance. What do you want anyway?”
I stopped complaining. I decided to start knocking some of the crap off this list so I would have a clearer head to think about the bigger picture. The FTW picture.
I had the brainstorm on the way home last night that I’d drive to Wal-mart, get them to change my oil and get some groceries at the same time. (Knock them out fast, I say!) In twenty minutes, I was checking out with food and other sundries and they call my name over the loudspeaker. (Actually, hubby’s name…I think they think he’s a girl…or they thought I was a guy…not sure which.) I push my little cart to the back of the store, pay for the oil change and load the bags into the trunk. Start to finish, 25 minutes. Gotta be a record.
I’m feeling good, get home, unload the stuff and start to boil water to make spaghetti. Then I realize I’m missing my Ragu. Hmm…and 3 boxes of panty hose. And an air freshener. Crap.
I hunt the house and car’s trunk for the missing bag. I check the receipt. Yep, last 4 items on the list are NOT here. I drive BACK to Wal-Mart. Thankfully, they’ve got the bag for idiots like me who pay for stuff then leave it behind. I get the bag, thank them profusely and get back home. Now, I’m at 90 minutes to get that all done. Sigh. The best-laid plans.
Last weekend, I was shopping with sis and bought some clothes and a pair of shoes. Got home…yep. No shoes in the bag. WTH. Sis ends up going back the next day. Yep, shoes still there, and they remember me. They thought I’d changed my mind. Uh, yeah. After I paid for them…sure I did. Whatever. Two more trips to buy one thing. At this rate, no wonder I’m so far behind on the regular crap.
This idiocy starts me to thinking…what do I want in 2009? What’s my FTW picture??? And I finally figured it out. I want my brain back. I think I left it in a bag somewhere. Wonder if I kept the receipt…


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