>Mr. Romance 2008 learns from Romance Novels…


Romance Novel TV recently had an interview with Mr. Romance 2008, Chris Winters. One really interesting thing this guy learned from romance novels and the romance community was this:
Buffie: Have you been surprised by the response the romance community has given to you?

Chris: Most people who contacted me, I became friends with. I learned a lot from the romance community, in fact, it has changed my life for the better. I learned a few things from both readers and writers. Those things I have incorporated in my life one way of the other. Women, or men, want real lovers. Real partners. Real people who look at them as a human being. Caring, thoughtfulness. A touch or a simple “hello, I was thinking of you…” in a phone conversation. Life and love means friendship forever, not just for a while. It’s hard to keep in touch with everybody, yes, but I try my best whenever possible.

Now isn’t that something? Maybe romance novels aren’t trash after all…hmm. 🙂

To see the whole interview, http://www.romancenovel.tv/wordpress/2009/01/15/mr-romance-2008-chris-winters-an-interview-by-buffie-johnson/


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