>Funny Hubby


The ‘O’ on my computer broke. The whole key, it just fell off.
“Crap!” I held the little piece in my hand. “Crap crap CRAP!”
“What’s wrong?” Hubby asked, completely calm. He’s heard these rants before. He’s unflappable.
“The ‘o’ on this computer is busted!” I held it up, shaking it toward him. “Dammit! I was going good on this story! You got any superglue?”
He looked at the key, then at me, then deadpanned: “Can’t you just buy a vowel?”
Now that is funny…(oh, and he did find the superglue, and it did work.)



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2 responses to “>Funny Hubby

  1. >He he, that was really cute(:-D

  2. >The funny part was I was at BestBuy on Sunday with my mother getting a wireless card put into her computer by the self-titled “Geek Squad”, and I asked the guy if they sold letters for broken keys. He said you have to replace the whole keyboard–that glue really won’t work.Well, in a financial pinch, you’d be amazed what you can make work.

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