>Welcome Home – 5 BLUE RIBBONS!


Title: Steel City Vampires: Welcome Home

Genre: Paranormal

Author: L. Shannon & Moira Reid

Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

Release Date: June 2008

Rating: 5 blue ribbons


Vampire Kalib Fontana is the proud new owner of a beautiful house on a hillside overlooking the Pittsburg cityscape.  His mother always told him that “a house is only a cage with an open door if there’s no love inside” and for the first time in almost two hundred years he finally feels like he’s home – thanks to his beautiful generous real estate agent.  The only problem is trouble has followed him and any attempts at evading David will prove futile as David is determined that he and Kalib belong together and he will destroy anyone who stands in his way.


Real estate agent Shasta Hemingway may know all about Kalib’s financial statements and credit score but it’s the man himself who truly interests her.  Her job may have ended with the sale of Pennington Estates but she goes the extra mile to ensure that his first evening in his new house makes it feel like a home.  Her writer’s mind has her envisioning him hiding out in the hills to avoid dealing with horrors – and she wouldn’t be far from wrong.


Kalib wasn’t just looking for a new life when he relocated to the Pittsburg area, he’d heard about the vampire hunters in this area and is counting on them to help stop David’s killing streak.  He just hadn’t anticipated David finding him so quickly or targeting Shasta.  Kalib does everything he can to protect Shasta but even he’s aware that David’s jealousy and possessiveness mean anyone Kalib cares for is a target to be eliminated as far as the demented vampire is concerned.


It’s imperative that Kalib contact the local vampire hunters about David as soon as possible but making sure that Shasta is safe is vital as well.  Fortunately checking on Shasta leads him directly in contact with one of the vampire hunters – who also happens to be Shasta’s uncle. 


L. Shannon and Moira Reid introduce readers to the STEEL CITY VAMPIRES with this fascinating story which couldn’t have been titled more appropriately – WELCOME HOME.  Kalib may be a vampire but there’s an innate gentleness that makes him absolutely loveable.  Shasta’s a spunky character and I loved that she refuses to accept anything at face value.  There’s a definite attraction between Kalib and Shasta which is evident from the very first page but even before David’s appearance threatens to destroy everything before they’ve even truly explored their feelings.  I got a huge kick out of Shasta’s feisty dressing down of her uncle and Kalib and couldn’t wait to find out how the rest of the story would play out. 


I’m definitely looking forward to finding out more about the STEEL CITY VAMPIRES so will be picking up and reading the other books in this series.  The rest of the books (all released or releasing from Cobblestone Press) in the series are:

VAMPIRE ORACLE: LOVE by L. Shannon – released August 2008

VAMPIRE ORACLE: SUNLIGHT by Moira Reid – released September 2008

ONE WILD NIGHT by Summer Alan – October 2008

BOUND AND DETERMINED by L. Shannon – no release date yet

DANGEROUS COMPANY by L. Shannon – no release date yet

BLITZED by L. Shannon & Moira Reid – no release date yet


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