>Snowing big time today


The whole East coast got dumped on, I guess, and we were not an exception. Normally “dumped on” isn’t that great a thing, but this snow is really gorgeous and DEEP. Hoping to get out there, build a big snowman, do some sledding and generally enjoy it while it’s here. We haven’t had a decent snowfall in years, and this is really too good to pass up. Of course, right now the wind is howling and it’s only 20 degrees (a little too cold for hanging out in the snow in my book). The little girl across the street already called to see if we’re sledding today, so sooner or later, we’ll all be out there in it.

At this point, I’m trying to find out if I need to get to work or not. I’d rather just call it a day on working and stay close to home, but that remains to be seen. Driving an hour to get there is okay on good weather days, but I fear it will take considerably longer and be quite a bit hairier today. For now, I’m having a cup of java and waiting to hear back from the boss to see if I need to chance it.

Meanwhile, I’m looking out the sliding glass door at the snow and drinking my coffee. Yum.

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