>Happy Mother’s Day!


Oh man, was this a great Mother’s Day or what?
My kid slept with us last night…yeah, she’s 10, and 5’2″ tall–way too old and too tall to sleep with us, but in a few years she’ll grow up and move away from home, so I figured, what the heck. Enjoy it while you can. Of course, her combined with 2 dogs and a cat, a 6′ 3″ man and me (a 5′ 8″ woman) in a queen-sized bed…okay, major cramped.
About 2 am she starts pushing against hubby and toward me, literally shoving me out of the bed. (When she woke up this morning, she told me she was having some crazy dream of being crowded…I’m thinking “yeah, that was no dream, kid.”)
So, at 2 am I fall out of bed. Literally, onto the floor. Kinda woke me up. And I couldn’t go back to sleep, I mean I was completely and totally AWAKE. Decided to write a while. Made some coffee, found Shannon awake and online (as always–does that woman ever sleep) and we wrote until 5:30 am. I got a lot done, actually, and it was fun.
A little while later, hubby and kid take me out for breakfast to a place I haven’t eaten in years – IHOP. I *adore* that butter pecan syrup they have, and I eat this awesome veggie omelet and 3 pancakes. Major full. Oh, and more coffee. Never too full for more coffee. It was delicious, I tell you. Delicious!
Then they take me to the bookstore–my favorite place on the planet. Hubby says, “I”m going to Dick’s (sporting goods store). Call me when you’re ready to go and I’ll come and get you guys.” (He’s not much on bookstores, but he knows I am.) The kid and I find books to read, a couple of overstuffed chairs and park it for an hour or more. Lost track of time. It was supremely fantastic. He comes and gets us and in the car on the way home we play classic songs on the stereo to educate the kid – Johnny Cash, Janice Joplin, Queen–a bunch of talented musicians she should be able to recognize, in my humble opinion. One of hubby’s cousins is Ralph Stanley, the country singer. We trace how he’s related to her and played a couple of his songs–it’s part of parenting to make sure she knows stuff like that, I think. 🙂
I come home, and take a nap. Three delicious hours of peace and quiet and rest. I just woke up a few minutes ago. Hubby is at the grocery store doing the shopping for me. Kid cleaned her room without me having to tell her to.
I can’t imagine a better day than this. And did I mention the weather was perfect?
Who’d have thought a perfect day would begin by falling out of bed?


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