>Deep Cover Released Today!


My latest novel, Deep Cover, came out today with LooseID! Yay!!
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Romantic Suspense
Length: Novel

Undercover extraterrestrial Butch Markham is hanging out until the mother ship comes back. Trouble is while he’s waiting he has to guard the inimitable Claire Simonson. Good thing, too, because after two attempts on her life, it’s abundantly clear this is a serious-ass ET with plans for her–and it ain’t a week in Bermuda.

From Claire’s point of view, Butch is a handsome, hunky, annoying pain in the butt. He knows it, and doesn’t care. He’s taking over her life–no more working, no going out–just him right next to her every minute. Frankly, it’s getting hard to tell which is worse: the possibility that the killer will finally get to her or that Butch will.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations some readers may find objectionable.
Click here to get yourself one! http://www.loose-id.com/prod-Deep_Cover-960.aspx


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  1. >Congrats…I'm off to buy one. Fantastic cover by the way!

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