>I thought I wanted to win the Lotto…maybe not

>I wrote a story a while back about a woman who won the lottery. For the purposes of the novel, of course, her life turned to crap. Not much intrigue involved if she bought a couple of beach houses, hired a cute pool man, and read novels and drank margaritas all day.

The Virginia Mega Millions Lottery is up to $133 million now, though. There was a show on television recently about how everyone who wins a lottery somewhere—their life goes south, and I mean like SOUTH. A couple ended up in jail. One committed suicide. More killed other people then went to jail then committed suicide. Of course, people see that and think, “Oh, how sad. But that wouldn’t be me.” LOL

I’m in that school of thought myself. Wouldn’t we all like the chance to prove history wrong? Thing is, I have no idea what I’d do with $133 million. Shoot, $2000 sounds like a windfall to me. Still, I like to imagine what I’d do. It’s a $1 mental vacation I go on every now and then.

There are actually websites telling winners of lotteries what to do…supposedly to hold onto some of that money and not have their lives ruined. I actually used a few of their ideas in my novel because they sounded interesting for one, and because I had a hard time imagining exactly what I’d do and in what order.

First thing, of course, (and NOT something they recommend, but too bad) would be to quit my job. Yep, that day. Those people are nice and I’m glad to have a job, but come on. It’s 133,000,000 dollars! The heck with cashing in the ticket first. If I lose it on the way to the lotto office or if I misread the numbers or something, I’m too big of an idiot for my boss to want to keep me anyway. I am supposed to know something about numbers—misreading 6 numbers would certainly dispel that rumor.

Second…that’s always where I get stuck. Assuming I got the money, or half of it or whatever the IRS left me with…what next? Pay bills, give some to family, blah blah. Yeah, all that, but after that though. What the heck next?

Buy something, I guess. I still have money left. Lots of it. So time to shop? Of course, I hate shopping. And I don’t need anything. So what do I do with the money?

Hubby would be plotting, to be sure. He’d have some hunting and fishing trips lined up all over the globe pretty quickly. Fortunately, I wouldn’t have to go on those. I’d still be here when he got back. Oh, and I’d send him with some kind of expensive satellite hook-up so I could keep up with his globetrotting. But yeah, not interested in going.

The kid would probably redecorate her room—again. And buy some more Sims games. And get the cell phone she’s been begging for and I told her she couldn’t have until she got a job and (1) needed it and (2) could afford it on her own. She’s 10 for crying out loud. Who’s she gonna call? Whatever. She’d probably finally get the phone. Because who cares? We’ve got money now! Hmm. Still not thrilled with the idea since money isn’t what’s keeping the phone out of her hands anyway. Of course, she’ll probably never have to have a job now, either. This is where my fantasy gets a little too real and complicated…and I make myself start over at the moment I get the money.

Okay, got the money. Feeling good, but huh. Still, I can’t think of a thing I’d buy. Maybe I’d go somewhere. I’ve always wanted to see the pyramids. Yeah, but I don’t speak the language and that part of the world is a little scary to me. Probably wouldn’t do that.

I’ve always dreamed of having one of those classic ‘63 convertible Mustangs—I had a convertible Mustang once, although not a classic by any stretch. It was used and not in good shape, but I still loved it…for a very short time. In a year, it was in three accidents. One in a parking lot when I wasn’t even there. Some truck’s brakes went out and crashed into it. The second one, I was sitting at a light waiting to turn left, and a car careened out of control behind me and smashed into the back. The kid driving said he accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake. Yeah, then in some freak windstorm, a tree fell on it in the driveway a few months later and totaled it. That car was cursed.

Maybe no Mustang.

Man, am I boring or what? I’ve got some CASH. What the heck would I do with it? This mental vacation is really starting to stress me out. Thank God it only cost me a buck.

By the way, the odds of winning are about 1 in 176,000,000. So I’ve got that going for me.


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