>Cancer and What We Can Do

>Over half a million people in the United States will die this year with some form of cancer—around 1500 people a day. Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the US, exceeded only by heart disease. In the US, cancer accounts for nearly 1 of every 4 deaths.

But what can we do about it??

The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2009 about 169,000 cancer deaths are expected to be caused by tobacco use…completely preventable.

Scientific evidence suggests that about 187,446 cancer deaths will be related to being overweight, physical inactivity, and poor nutrition and thus could also be prevented.

Certain cancers are related to infectious agents, such as hepatitis B virus (HBV), human papillomavirus (HPV), human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), Helicobacter pylori (H.pylori), and others, and could be prevented through behavioral changes, vaccines, or antibiotics.

In addition, many of the more than 1 million skin cancers expected to be diagnosed in 2009 could be prevented by protection from the sun’s rays and avoiding indoor tanning.

Regular screening examinations by a health care professional can result in the detection and removal of precancerous growths, as well as the diagnosis of cancers at an early stage, when they are most treatable including cancers of the breast, colon, rectum, cervix, prostate, oral cavity, and skin.

Some cancers can be prevented by removal of precancerous tissue include cancers of the cervix, colon, and rectum.

The National Cancer Institute estimates that approximately 11.1 million Americans with a history of cancer were alive in January 2005. About 1,479,350 new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed in 2009.

Fight back! Get regular screenings! Lose the extra pounds and quit smoking! Most of all, be brave. Cancer is a cruel and vicious adversary, but I’ve met some strong, powerful people in my life. I believe in the power of people to create change, to make things better, to spite evil and live fully. Cancer is evil, but we are stronger.

My prayers to cancer victims and their families and friends.

–factual information above is from the American Cancer Society’s Statistics for 2009. To see the complete report, go to http://www.cancer.org/docroot/STT/STT_0.asp


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  1. >*ahem* Giving up smoking is a start. (and I need to drop some serious poundage.)

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