>The Ugly Truth


The Ugly Truth with Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl came out on DVD yesterday (and pay-per-view which is where I watched it). I wanted to see it in the theater, but somehow I missed it. This way was better anyway. Fell asleep on the sofa and it ran over and over all night long. Kept waking up to the sound of Gerard’s voice…hello. Good way to sleep.

The basic story: This television news show has poor ratings, so they hire Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler) to give the show some spark. He has this cable television show called “The Ugly Truth” which is basically a call-in show where he talks about what men need to know about women and relationships. His insights are a little on the frightening side, but he’s controversial enough to keep people tuning in. He starts on the failing news show and ratings rock. So, our heroine and the show’s producer, Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl), is stuck with him. She’s your typical woman searching for the perfect man and coming up way short until he convinces her to let him “teach her” how to get this guy she’s interested in. (Another major cutie, Eric Winter)

That’s the set up of your not-that-basic “friends to lovers” story, and I won’t ruin it for you, but the training is hilarious, and the ending (while a tad on the schmaltzy side) was still gorgeous and set in a hot air balloon. (Gerard was looking great in that scene, I tell ya.)

Examples of some of Mike’s training:

Mike: Rule #4: Never talk about your problems ’cause men don’t really listen or care.
Abby Richter: Some men care!
Mike: No, some men pretend to care. When we ask “how you’re doing” it’s just guy code for “let me stick my *** in your ***”.
Abby Richter: (affronted) OOH!
Mike: I know you think Colin is above it but trust me he’s a guy. He’s even remotely into you he’s probably thought about each of your orifices at least ten times.
Abby Richter: I love how you assume all men are perverse as you are!
Mike: Oh, I don’t assume. I know.

Mike: You’re all about comfort and efficiency!
Abby Richter: What’s wrong with comfort and efficiency?
Mike: Well nothing, except no one wants to *** it.

Yeah, this is NOT for kids. The language is waaaay out there, probably farther out there than any romantic comedy I’ve ever seen, so yeah. My kid didn’t get to watch this one. (Although I let her watch Stand by Me which in my memory was a GREAT movie and had kids in it, but I’d forgotten the language was whoa! no!)

I wrote a “friends to lovers” story a while back called “Seduction 101” and I have to say I like the type. I might have to try my hand at another one after I finish nano. They are fun, and like this movie, always have the HEA. 🙂


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